Monday, April 13, 2015

Reservoir Dog (or maybe...)

I was raised on a road called Old Kensico about a half mile up the hill from the Kensico Reservoir. I fished there as a kid off shore for rock bass and other pan fish. Played there as a teen with aimless dreams and laughter.  Now I fish it by jon boat (no motors allowed, a blessing) and have been since about 2006. For years one was not allowed to get a boat out until April 1st.  They changed that a few years back so that fishing is allowed all year so long as there is no ice. I can't remember the last time ice prohibited the fishing until after April first but this was one such year.  I don't think there was clear open water until April 6th. Be that as it may, my first voyage of the year came this morning,  April 12th.  I wasn't the only one lured by warmish temps and little to no wind. Although it's possible that I was the only one to catch such a large serving of a very finicky fellow:

Oh well. It was a gorgeous early spring morning and I cannot wait to get back out there again.  The reservoir that I have called home for my entire life may skunk me once in a while but every dog has his day (eventually) and no matter what happens, I never leave The Big "K" feeling empty.

Tight lines!  I hope some of you are having better luck than me this early season!!


  1. As you know, Mike, you've got some company amongst us upstaters who are leaving the waters with a bit of rankness from you know what. I was out on a couple of brookie streams this week and had just enough action to realize that some of our wild fish have survived the winter. The next week or so should see improvement on the streams and reservoirs. Let's hope so anyway!

  2. Glad to hear that you got into some wild fish, Walt, and that they survived through that tough winter. The same could be said about us! I think this Sunday I'll have another go at those lake trout and hope to wet a fly at some point this week as well. Tight lines, friend! I'm in good company!