Thursday, June 26, 2014


I dipped the mesh back of the ball cap into the fast current and shook the excess cold water from it and slid it back on over my head. The brilliantly shining hot sun flashed and danced off of the stream. The green around me was lush and in seasonal abundance.  The coolness of the late June breeze that swept downstream, coupled with the wet cap sent a welcoming chill through me. I was wading up well past my knees, swaddled in the fast cold flow. I held the rod in my right hand as I stretched both arms out wide and looked straight up at the kind of blue I remember from childhood. Stared straight upward, stretched deeply, and gave thanks for all that this moment had to offer.


  1. Ah yes, sounds like an initiation, Mike, an embrace, on summer's welcome mat. May the season and its waters guide you well!

  2. Yes sir and that's just what it felt like. Thanks, Walt, and the same to you!