Friday, April 12, 2013

Making More Money!

Well let's just say that I am a man of a certain age who hangs around, once in a while, with men of a certain age. It seems to me that money, and how to make more of it and/or keep more of it, comes up these days time and time again. And again. And again. Don't get me wrong, I certainly have an interest in this matter as clearly it behooves me to do so.

It is funny though how it seems to be the topic of conversation more and more with each passing year. 

Funnier still is how this subject never comes up on the rocky banks of a stream or during the pre-dawn launch of a Jon boat on the cool, clear water.

What does often comes up in these situations is how to make and/or keep something a little bit different. A little bit more elusive than even the Almighty Dollar...


Tight lines everyone. I hope you find a way to make more time to do what it is that you love and to do it with the people that matter the most.

A picture of my son, Dean, with a nice Smallmouth he caught on a Lightning McQueen push button rod.  This was 4 years ago and I just can't believe how fast it's all going...


  1. Yup! Ur definately hanging with the wrong crowd...all you need is a garden, a fruit cellar, clean water and maybe a good campfire...

    Don't know if that life is possible in the US though b/c even the camping ground costs money thee days...and good luck selling that to your wife aka girlfriend.

  2. Nothing is free in the U.S. lol but time and good people I can always find. Tight lines Streamer and thanks for stopping by.

  3. I like Streamers idea of needs.
    I agree 100% with you Mike. I wish life was less money involved. My life is surrounded by big Buisness and I seem to be the odd ball to my associates and peers. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for spending my weekends fishing, wading in cold water or even camping with my close friends and loved ones. It's these little things that bring us joy. I don't have any kids yet but I hope that when I do I show as much dedication to there happiness as you do yours!!!

  4. Manny, thanks for the kind words!!

  5. Morale of the story, the Lightning McQueen rod outfishes most other products ! =). What a wonderful picture, Mike... My Dad did it for me, congrats to you for passing it on- there is no greater gift, and you found it! Tom

  6. Excellent post Mike, I couldn't agree more. I think fishing brings us all a little closer to the simple life we'd rather be living. It's so great you can share that with your son, he'll never forget it.

  7. Thanks Tom. We are on the same page regarding fathers and sons fishing, that's for sure.

    Chris, you said it man! Nothing like nature to take you back to the simplicity of life and all the material things fade away for a bit.

  8. Well spoken mike and 100% agreed. Its the little inexpensive things in life that should make us most happy, with the outdoors on the top of that list...

    1. Well spoken mike and 100% agreed. Its the little inexpensive things in life that should make us most happy, with the outdoors on the top of that list...


    2. Joe, it sure is! Thanks for stopping by!